New Sports Schedule

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It’s been a while EDOS fans. While we’ve been gone quite a few things have changed. The Patriots were fresh off a super bowl and the new NFL season has started. Kawhi was on the Raptors and without a second title. The Warriors were still together and Kevin Durant’s Achilles was fully in-tact. Then we had the biggest moves in one free agency in the NBA we’ve seen. I gained and lost hope for Reds and Bengals, and plenty of other things. (if you’re on this site you may not need a full summary)

Regardless, we are back here to give you the content you desire and we’ll try to follow this schedule.

Right now, it’s football season. While we will occasionally sprinkle in another sport, but you can expect football coverage from September to end of January. I am hoping to get out an article on my weekly picks (22-10 this year), plus a weekend recap of the NFL in case you missed any games.

After that, we’ll transition into basketball, specifically the NBA. I’ll be sprinkling in various pieces about basketball during football season, and it’ll be a smooth transition, but we’ll start going all the way in on that from January – July 4th. Articles will be about weekly recaps, superstar updates, fantasy, etc.

We’ll then transition where we’ll have filler pieces of Golf, MLB, etc. to get you into labor day and back to football. Hope this schedule works for everyone!

As always feel free to comment or leave feedback if you’re looking for something else. Once again, these are not hard limits but generally how the content we’ll go.


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