4 Takeaways from the Super Bowl

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Super Bowl LIII concluded on Sunday with the New England Patriots capturing their 6th championship over the Los Angeles Rams 13-3. Tom Brady/Bill Belichick won their 6th ring combined, Julian Edelman received MVP honors and the Pats dominated the game. Here are the 5 takeaways from the game as we move along.

  1. This Super Bowl was flat out boring. I watched the entire thing and never felt that edge of my seat feeling that you should in a Super Bowl. It was 3-3 after the 3rd quarter, there were 14 combined punts for 632 yards, and there was 1 combined play between the 2 teams in the red-zone. All of that adds up to maybe a less exciting Super Bowl than everyone was hoping for. However, that doesn’t mean the game was bad. Sometimes, football ends up pretty boring if you’re the casual fan. Most casual fans want to see high-scoring and a lot of points. It’s not as sexy to see the defenses controlling the entire game, but that’s what they did and it can be perceived as boring.
  2. Does this mean the offensive explosion is over? Absolutely not. The old adage of “offense is fun, but defense wins championships” may not be exactly true anymore, but a great defensive performance is necessary. Your defense needs to be able to step up at some point to make stops. The most dominant defenses in the leagues will still get burned, but they are still important. Your team needs to be able to make a stop when needed, but the offensive explosion is far from over.
  3. The Patriots dynasty never left us. The Pats have made the Super Bowl in 4 of the past 5 seasons. Winning 3 (Seattle, Atlanta, and now Los Angeles) while losing one to Philadelphia. The past loss to Philly raised some questions about New England’s team. There were questions about Brady/Belichick being able to work together, Gronk was washed up, there were no receivers on the team, not a single defensive playmaker, the list goes on and on. However, when it was all said and done, the Pats were the last ones standing, holding up trophy number 6. I wouldn’t bet against them next year either.
  4. What happened to the Los Angeles Rams? The Rams were one of the most prolific offenses in the regular season, but only scored 3 points in the super bowl against what looked like an average Patriots defense all season. Jared Goff played terrible finishing with a 13.9 QBR and mainly garbage time 229 yards. He had 52 at the half. There were a few issues as I won’t place the entire blame on him. Todd Gurley had to be hurt. He was battling a knee injury at the end of the season and never looked fully healthy after that. The Rams lost Cooper Kupp around week 11. He was a key slot receiver and someone that made the offense go when no one else could get open (just ask the Patriots how important it is to have a good slot receiver). Last of all, Goff didn’t have much time to throw. Ask Brady from the 2007 Super Bowl how hard it is to play a game that big when you’re hurried each throw. The Patriots controlled the line of scrimmage into Goff being sacked 4 times and many other hurries/knockdowns.

In the end, the Patriots were the more experienced team, and played a lot better than the Rams. I believe the Rams will be back but it’s going to be a very difficult road back.

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