Anthony Davis wants a trade, NFL OT rules, and Post-Super Bowl National Holiday Push

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  1. Anthony Davis wants out of New Orleans
    Anthony Davis’ agent, Rich Paul (who also represents LeBron) has told the Pelicans that AD wants out of New Orleans to play for a team that puts him in the best chance to win a championship. Can’t argue with that logic, the Pelicans have only made the playoffs twice in AD’s career and it’s not looking great for the team this year as they are 6 games under .500. What does New Orleans do next? Feed the Lakers for Ball/Ingram/1st round picks? You do that in a heartbeat if you’re the Lakers but probably not as the Pelicans. I’d wait until the summer to trade Davis and pray he stays healthy. His value will get really high as a desperate owner pulls the trigger. Boston is running out of assets, but other teams might gain cap space/assets. (Brooklyn now owns their own first-round pick). These big trades happen over the summer. In 2018 it was Kawhi-Derozan swap and 2017 it was PG-Oladipo/Sabonis swap. The Pelicans need to wait until the summer when Davis’ trade value will be the highest and swap him to the highest bidder. Could they get Jayson Tatum? Could they get two of Ball/Ingram/Kuzma? Could the clippers make a play with their young talent? What about Ben Simmons for Anthony Davis? I’m excited to see how this plays out.
  2. NFL overtime, do we need to change the rules?
    The New England Patriots beat the Kansas City Chiefs 37-31 in OT last Sunday. This made people angry as the Patriots started with the ball and scored a touchdown to win. Under the current NFL rules, the Chiefs had to hold them to a field goal or less to get the ball back. The fans wanted to see a scenario where Mahomes was able to touch the ball. There were claims that the NFL should switch their overtime rules to college rules where teams start from the 25 and each have a chance going back-and-forth. I am here to tell you no. This is how the NFL OT works. If you’d like your offense to get the ball, the Chiefs need to make the needed stop. The Chiefs had the Patriots at 3 3rd and 10s and couldn’t stop them even once. Andy Reid also let the defense die out there and didn’t call a single timeout. Handle the game a bit better, and I think we’re talking differently about the OT rules. However, if you’d like both teams to touch the ball. Make the team that scores the first touchdown, go for 2 points to make it a bit interesting. Then give the ball back to the other team, allowing them to respond, and needing a touchdown + a 2-point conversion. This could make things a bit more interesting.
  3. The day after super bowl should be a holiday
    I’m here to push for the day after the Super Bowl to become a national holiday. This is one of the worst days of the year to go back to work on. You basically drank, ate and watched football all of Sunday only to have to wake up early and go back to work the very next day and pretend like you’re invested. This is the biggest game of the year, the stakes have never been higher and as of recent years, one team has walked away absolutely crushed. That losing fanbase needs some time off (unless you’re a Patriots fan). And for the fans without a specific team, what about the betting you’re going to do? The biggest bets are placed on the super bowl and there needs to be at least a day to recover from that, give yourself a chance to re-evaluate decisions as you lay in bed hungover. The entire nation is watching the game the night before, and productivity is way down the next day anyway. Give us a national holiday and let us not work the day after the super bowl. By the working class, for the working class!

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