How to Tailgate at the AT&T Stadium

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I had the chance to tailgate at AT&T stadium over the past month and would like to share some best tips and tricks on how to fully enjoy your stay. I attended the battle between Ohio State and TCU. We’ll cover a few things to help you enjoy your stay:

  1. Transportation
  2. The best place to tailgate
  3. Best bars to go to
  4. Best places to go after the game

First of all, I recommend taking an Uber/Lyft to the game. Parking was extremely expensive and there were quite a few drivers around. It was easy to find someone to give us a ride.

We got to the game about 3 hours early to fully enjoy the tailgating aspect. Our driver dropped us off on the West side of the stadium at Collins St. There were more than a few smaller tailgates happening here. We gathered in a small circle at a parking lot and started drinking our beers. I wouldn’t recommend starting here, but we were okay as we found an Ohio State group to drink with.

Instead, if you want to drink at the stadium I recommend heading to the east-side around lots 4-7. This is your stereotypical tailgate section. There are wide open fields, trucks, and many tents. If you aren’t aware of anything going on and are looking for a classic tailgating environment; this is your area. There are plenty of corn hole games, tossing footballs and BBQs to keep you busy for hours. This is my preferred method of tailgating.

There are also a few other options if you have bar-like preferences. The south side of the stadium is lacking in this area so I’d stay to the north. My recommendation would be to check out Texas Live! This is my favorite spot that we went to. It’s a double-decker location with multiple bars, restaurants, and nightclubs. I went after the game and saw a pizza shop  Along with the more exciting areas, there are plenty of relaxing bars and other food options. I would consider the layout more like a mall, but instead of the stores a mall may have, there are either restaurants or bars. I’d also recommend Tailgate Tavern. This is is another bar on the north side of the stadium that’s perfect for tailgating. The place gets busy, but you can’t beat the deals and the environment before a game, plus they play some amazing music.

After the game, I’m sure you’re not ready to go home. The Uber/Lyft surcharges are through the roof and after a big win, you’re ready to party. A 10-minute walk northeast, there’s Texas Live! That is the location for post-game drinking. The deals are amazing there and it’s the best spot to meet up with your friends after the game.

I hope you get the chance to visit this stadium. It is truly the Mecca of football stadiums to visit.

Transportation: Take Uber/Lyft
The Best Place to tailgate: Eastside of the stadium between lots 4-7
Best Bars to go to: Texas Live!, Tailgate Tavern
The best place to go after the game: Texas Live!

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