NBA Teams That Have Gone Cold

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Which teams off to a slow start will turn things around? Our guest writer Tony, an NBA maestro, takes a dive into the current landscape of the NBA.

Not much is more deflating as a fan than seeing your favorite team stumbling over themselves right out of the gate. If your team is one of the six teams winning 25% or less of their games, just know history says it will get better. And just in case it doesn’t, start your campaign for high flying Zion Williamson. In the previous 10 seasons, a total of 17 teams have finished the season at this rate (1.7 teams per year – 20 wins or less). The worst years, ‘08-09 and ‘14-15, each featured 3 teams that bad

Let’s take a look at each of the six NBA teams winning 25% (we’ll include Orlando) or less of their games right now. Since recent history says three at most will remain, I’ve picked the three most likely to climb out of the cellar. Last year zero teams were admitted to this prestigious club, so let’s hope this is a worst-case scenario.

Eastern Conference

Orlando Magic: 4-7 (.364) – NO
The Magic show flashes, but it continues to be Vucevic and everybody else. Currently, Nikola’s PER is almost double the second best on his team (27.5 to 14.8). They are the only team not averaging 100+ PPG. Just not enough talent on the roster.

Chicago Bulls: 3-9 (.250) – YES
In a weaker conference, the Bulls young talent can step up to the plate and win some games. This team still needs to make some changes to get back to their winning ways, but there is definitely hope for the future with a solid young core.

Washington Wizards: 2-8 (.200) – YES
This one has to be one of the most unpredictable terrible starts. Once the core of Wall and Beal are playing smooth with Dwight, they should prove to be worthy of a lower seed in the east, or at least win a couple games in a row every once and a while.

Cleveland Cavaliers: 1-10 (.091) – NO
Dan Gilbert finally got his team back, and there’s nobody to stop him from destroying them again this time. Love’s nagging injury just made their fate even more clear.

Western Conference

Dallas Mavericks: 3-8 (.273) – YES
Luka Doncic looks like an experienced veteran, and absolutely nobody is surprised. Luka and DeAndre will grow into a dynamic pick and roll, an alley-ooping duo that will open up lanes and leave shooters with plenty of room.

Phoenix Suns: 2-8 (.200) – NO
Booker and Ayton will show flashes of Kobe and Shaq, they are both out of this world talented. It’s the rest of the team that will need to fill their roles. The foundation is there, but there will be some growing pains. As of right now, their offense is rank 29 and they feature the worst plus-minus in the league.

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