NFL Sunday Week 8: 5-Point Stance

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Hello, loyal fans. Thanks for sticking with us through that absence. A little explanation on where I’ve been then we’ll get back to the regularly scheduled content.

About a month ago I was really sick and unable to do any work. As I was recovering from that, my car became undrivable due to some smells that were occurring. That took quite some time to get fixed and threw a wrench in my daily plans. As my car got fixed, there was a leak in my room’s ceiling while it was raining. My room has currently been out of use for the past 3 weeks. All of these things added up to where the website was almost out of my mind. With all that behind us, we’re back to writing.

Back to the regularly scheduled content. We have 5 things from the NFL. I like to do this because I can summarize the games while you may not have had time to watch.

  1. The Rams beat the Packers but that wasn’t the biggest story – The St. Louis Rams beat the Green Bay Packers 29-27 in what some called the marquee game of the week (it was a light week), but Aaron Rodgers can be must-see TV and a 7-0 team is as well. It was a back and forth game with the Rams taking a late lead on a field goal to put them up 29-27. Montgomery had a late fumble that cost the Packers and the Rams got the ball back. Attempting to close out the game, the Rams handed off to Todd Gurley. He broke a run but fell down at the 3-yard line so that the Rams could hold onto the ball and end the game. The most logical play of all-time. On the contrary, not if you’re a better or a fantasy player. The line closed at Rams -7.5 with the over/under at 57. The touchdown would’ve given the Rams a cover and given the game the over. Quite the swing of events on a RB making a smart football play.
  2. The Saints got revenge – I’m sure you’ve seen the Minneapolis Miracle. Case Keenum throws a long bomb to Stefon Diggs in order to win a playoff game over the Saints as time is expiring. The Vikings were down 4 and at their own 40-yard line when they pulled off the 60-yard TD with seconds left on the clock. They played again last night and the Saints got their revenge. In what was quite a weird game where Drew Brees only threw for 120 yards, his team won by 10 and feel avenged over the Minneapolis Miracle.
  3. Jameis Winston may be done – The Bucs were in Cincinnati to play my beloved Bengals. The Bengals jumped out to a 27-9 lead while Winston had 2 poor interceptions in the first half. In the second half, Winston had 2 more overthrows while his interception total rose to 4 for the day. A fun fact: Winston was suspended for the first 3 games, yet he’s still tied for the NFL lead in interceptions. He was benched after a pick 6 when the score was 34-16. Fitzpatrick came back to get the game tied at 34. They lost 37-34, but it was announced today that Fitzpatrick is back to the starting job. In what looked like a promising QB class between Winston and Mariota, is now taking a turn for the worse. Jameis’ day may be over shortly in Tampa.
  4. Mahomes is still on fire – Last time we talked, Mahomes had thrown 8 TDs through 2 games and I told everyone to hold off on the MVP talk. All he has done is fully proved himself in the meantime. He has 26 TDs through 8 games which are the 3rd-most ever. They look like a candidate for a #1 seed and are steamrolling through their entire schedule, including my Bengals last week. Oh what torture on a Sunday night.
  5. The Bengals are looking at a nice showdown with the Texans on Wildcard weekend – I’ve seen my Cincinnati team way too many times face the Texans (or Steelers, or Chargers) on a wild card weekend and take the loss. As it stands now, the Bengals would be playing the Steelers. I wouldn’t put it out of the way if they ended up playing the Texans in the first wild-card matchup. We’re due for a barn burner that weekend. I feel better about the Bengals than in years past, but after almost losing to the Bucs, I’m nervous. GIVE ME A PLAYOFF WIN PLEASE.

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