NFL Sunday Week 2: 5-point stance

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New content alert. NFL is back and we have a 5-point stance to give you the highlight of 5 things you may have missed from a wild week 2.

  1. There was another tie – The Browns and Steelers tied in week 1 and that was supposed to be the only tie of the year. Then, the Vikings met the Packers in Green Bay and tied 29-29. There were a few plays that really highlighted this game. First off, Kirk Cousins went toe-to-toe with an injured Aaron Rodgers and tossed for 425 yards. I was impressed for Kirk to step up like that. Secondly, the 4th quarter was coming to a close, the Vikings were down 7 and Kirk Cousins threw an interception. Except he didn’t, because Clay Matthews fell on the quarterback. The referees called roughing the passer and the Vikings went on to score to tie the game after that. Whatever you want to say about this rule, it made a difference this game. Last of all, goodbye Daniel Carlson. The Vikings kicker missed 3 field goals and by the time of this reading, was promptly cut. If he makes the field goals, do you think the Vikings obviously win or do the Packers play it differently?
  2. The Buccaneers kept rolling – The Buccaneers looked like a team that was destined for a 5-11 season, I bought into the de-hype they were getting. Except I forgot, Ryan Fitzpatrick is an MVP candidate this year. He throws for another 4 touchdowns and absolutely slaughters the reigning Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles defense. Fun fact of the game: the Bucs #1 RB, Peyton Barber, ran the ball 16 times for 22 yards. They could not run the ball. It didn’t matter, Bucs 27, Eagles 21 and it wasn’t even that close.
  3. The Bills are looking as bad as we thought – The Bills lost at the Ravens 47-3 in game 1. And everyone agreed the Bills were bad. I personally started a “petition” on this website to ensure that Nathan Peterman wouldn’t start another game. Maybe HC Sean McDermott is a reader because Josh Allen started in what he said was “the right move for the team.” Whatever the reason, hopefully, we are done with Nathan Peterman as an NFL starter. While Allen did show some flashes, the Bills had a cornerback, Vontae Davis, retire at halftime. Yep, you read that right. It’s going to be a long season for Bills Mafia.
  4. The Rams could be historically good, the Cardinals historically bad – When these 2 teams meet, the results are expected to be very lopsided. The Rams beat the Cardinals 34-0 and it could’ve been worse than that. The Rams are really clicking on every cylinder and it could be a while before they lose a game. Every time Todd Gurley touches the ball it seems like he could go for a touchdown. I’d run through a brick wall for Sean McVay and I believe all of his players would too. On the other side, the Cardinals are looking quite poor. Bruce Arians left in the offseason and was replaced by Steve Wilks. I’m starting to think Bruce was getting a few extra wins out of the team each year. Steve hasn’t quite shown the same aptitude. We’ll see how the rest of the season goes. Side note: Could the Rams be worse than advertised? They’ve beaten 2 teams that are a combined 0-4. We’ll learn more about them sooner or later but I like their talent to prevail.
  5. How could we forget about Patrick Mahomes? – Don’t worry, we did not. Pat Mahomes has set the league on fire. In his first 2 games, he has thrown for 10 TDs (4 and 6 respectively). The last coming against the “daunting” Steelers defense. Andy Reid looks like quite the genius for not only trading up to get him but then trading away Alex Smith in the offseason and rolling the dice with Mahomes. Before every sportswriter gives Mahomes the MVP award, let’s just wait, say half the season. I think he’s going to be great, but Jason Whitlock said: “He’ll throw for 60 TDs this season.” Hot take media is dangerous. Remember when the Chiefs started 6-0 last year and then limped into the playoffs? We were ready to crown Alex Smith MVP after 6 games and look at him now. Patrick Mahomes is amazing, but let’s just wait and let him play it out.

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