NFL W/L Predictions and Playoff Golf from J Breezy Sr.

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J Breezy Sr. checking in with a couple reactions here about the NFL and the PGA Tour Playoffs.

  1. The NFL is off and running for 2018 and the first weekend had some major upsets and surprises. I was looking at the predictions different experts have made for total wins and losses for the 2018-19 season for each team. There are many different thoughts among the experts on how many games each team will win and lose. One expert has Cincinnati Bengals 6 – 10, another has them 10 – 6, and another 7 -9. But that’s not the problem. There are 32 teams in the NFL each plays 16 games which means there are 512 total games for the season. This is where the NFL MATH comes in, when you add up all the wins and loses each expert predicts it should come out to 256 – 256 but, this is not the case. Some have as many as 280 wins and 232 loses while others have 252 wins and 260 loses. I admire that the experts have the knowledge and the nads to make such predictions but please check your math before you publish your picks.
  2. First I need to apologize to Keegan Bradley, sorry Mr. Bradley. I have teamed up with J-Breezy to pick a fantasy golf team. You know 2 heads are better than one was the idea but so far it’s a bust. J-Breezy wanted to pick Keegan but I vetoed it, oooooops. I felt the stats for Keegan didn’t warrant wasting a pick, again ooooooops. 186 on tour in strokes gained putting for the year, last tour victory was in 2012 and then there was last week when he tanked in the final round at the BMW Championship. Again and for the last time oooooooops. Congratulations Keegan and good luck in 2 weeks, I probably won’t pick you on my fantasy team but I’m sure J-Breezy will pick you and rightly so.

– J Breezy Sr.

What do you guys think? Who are you taking for your fantasy golf team?

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