NFL Sunday Week 1: 5-point stance

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New content alert. NFL is back and we have a 5-point stance to give you the highlight of 5 things you may have missed from a wild week 1. Come back here every Monday 8 AM EST for your NFL summary.

  1. Aaron Rodgers was hurt, then he wasn’t. Early in the second quarter with the Bears up 10-0, Rodgers dropped back and got sacked. While he tried to dodge the pressure, a defender rolled up on his leg as he finished the play on the ground. Next, Rodgers gets carted off and is visibly showing emotion. I get texts “Torn ACL for Rodgers,” I see tweets from Matthew Berry/Schefter/Field Yates all talking about a serious injury. The Bears proceeded to take a 20-0 lead as DeShone Kizer flounders around back in the pocket. This involved Khalil Mack having a sack + forced fumble + fumble recovery play and then also returning a pick-six back for a touchdown. The NFC North looked wide-open and the Bears were ready for the challenge. Until Rodgers came back in the 3rd quarter. The rest was history. Rodgers threw 3 TDs, over 300 yards as the comeback was on, including a 60+ yarder to Randall Cobb to grab the lead. The Packers D did just enough at the end as Green Bay won 24-23.
  2. I’m starting a petition to ban Nathan Peterman from starting another NFL game – Nathan Peterman was named the starting quarterback for the Buffalo Bills last week in what felt like a joke to me. His start against San Diego last year made headlines as he threw 4 picks in the first half, leading to a blowout. I remember watching red zone with my friend as they kept coming back to the Chargers/Bills in that November 2017 game. Each pick felt like more and more of a joke as Tyrod Taylor sat on the bench. The next week the Bills ended up going back to Tyrod and everyone thought the Nathan Peterman era was over. Nope. It came back today. Nathan Peterman was starting a week 1 game for a team. Let’s just say it didn’t go well. I don’t want to use too many stats with you guys, but he was 5/18, 24 yards, 2 ints and 3 sacks taken. They lost 47-3. In the 2 games, he’s started his team is getting outscored 101-27. Nathan Peterman, you’re done.
  3. Some of my betting over/under locks are looking really good – Yes, it’s early but I’m flying high on a few of these. (To see what I put: AFC Over/Under Best Bets and NFC Over/Under Best Bets) I had the Cowboys under 8.5 at -150. They looked bad in a loss to Carolina. You may want to add another bet that the offense won’t score over 30 in a game this year. That offense looks weak and I’m feeling confident about that under. Washington over 7 at +135. This team went to work today. Alex Smith is looking poised in the pocket and the tandem thunder/lightning of Adrian Peterson and Chris Thompson combined for over 200+ yards. I thought this team would win 10 games and it looks like they will be doing that. Last, I had the Bengals over 6.5 at -165. Those odds weren’t great but I know this team has 10-win talent. They showed it in a tough road game against the Colts. A Bengals fan myself, after they were down 13, I saw the silver lining of another loss. However, this team showed some guts capping off a 34-23 win with an 83-yard fumble recovery. Quite the way to start the season with an important road win.
  4. Some of my betting over/under locks are looking less good – Are the Bucs this good? I will be honest, I did not see Ryan Fitzpatrick going Aaron Rodgers on the Saints. Wow. He had a game for the ages. He threw for over 400 yards, had some passing TDs, had some rushing TDs and blew up the Saints to the tune of 48 points in a 48-40 win. We’ll see if it lasts, but Ryan Fitzmagic is on his way to an MVP award with this kind of play. I had them under 6.5 at -165. Good thing the season isn’t decided in 1 game. Are the Titans this bad? Mariota went out and we’ll see how that injury goes. It’s an elbow injury, but they did lose 27-20 to the Dolphins. I’m not buying this loss though, but every week in the NFL is tough. Especially this one, total gameplay took over 7 hours with a few lightning delays. We’ll see how the injury situation goes, but I did have the Titans over 8 at -130.
  5. NFL is finally back – This is what we’ve waited the past 8 months for. Go enjoy that Monday at work a little bit more as we get to see the old 2 Monday Night Football game set. I highly recommend getting Playstation Vue if you’re caught in a way and not able to get the red zone channel or other games. I have sports package with them that got me the red zone channel + cable channels for only $55 a month. That’s beyond the point, go ahead and enjoy weekends of watching a ton of football and enjoy the return of an amazing sport.

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