New Content: Football Season

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Football is back and it is glorious. I sat in front of the TV for 6 straight hours today watching Red Zone. You look away for one second and you’re missing some action.

Due to the NFL season starting up again, we have a schedule for new content I’d like to announce.

  1. Every Monday morning, we’re going to release a 4-5 point summary of the things you may have missed because you don’t have the time to sit in front of the couch for 6 hours like I do. I’m still workshopping a title, but this will keep you fully up to date on the NFL season from a guy who is watching it all.
  2. On Saturday afternoons, we’ll release the best bets for the weekend. We’ll look at lines, money lines, over/unders and all sorts of things. We have the advice you need to bet wisely. The article will be “Saturday NFL Best Bets,” maybe something catchier.

Please keep a look out for the new articles and I look forward to your continued support!

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