The NBA has taken the Crown, how can the NFL get it back?

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There’s been something that’s slowly, slowly happened over the past few summers and is in full effect now. The NBA has become a 24/7/365 league, while slowly the NFL has become a 6 month a year sport. Once the season is over, we’re done with the NFL. It wasn’t too long ago that their roles were reversed. 10 years ago, I couldn’t dream of thinking about the NBA over the NFL in the summer, or even muttering the phrase “I like the NBA more than the NFL nowadays…” From a lifetime football fan, this seems unfathomable. I’ve thought of a few ways to fix the NFL and I’ll list them out here. These 3 easy steps could really turn around the league and fix the competitive balance.

  1. See ya, Roger Goodell – I feel like I (low key) created this website so I could complain about Roger Goodell and ask him to get fired. I am way too tired of Roger Goodell as the commissioner of the NFL. There have been so many issues under him, too many to count but I’ll start (Ray Rice, Deflategate, CTE, National Anthem, etc.) I also don’t trust him at all to get the league on the same plane. The NFL stays divided on most crucial issues and will continue to do that if he stays in power. Am I impressed by how he can handle these owners? Of course. However, why do we keep running him out there expecting to solve any issues? All he has done is create more of a divide for players that are going to protest the anthem? The NFL wants to suspend players that protest, okay. Botched another one, Roger. Tell people they can’t do something and they’ll do it. (He must’ve missed the first day of management school) He’s been commissioner for 12 years and we have seen a steady decline of the NFL year-after-year. The face of the NFL needs a fresh, innovative voice that can capture the league’s cranky old owners. Look at what Adam Silver has done to accomplish things in his league. Ever heard of struggles with anthem protests over there? Nope? Right, cause everybody is on the same page under him. All of these off-the-field issues make me not want to pay attention to the NFL if the games aren’t going on, and hurts fans awareness everywhere. Give Roger Goodell the boot.
  2. Increase the personal brand of the top players – We all know who Tom Brady is, I could spot him like I used to spot Waldo in some of those books back in the day. Even the top few quarterbacks – Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees – but what about the top running backs? What about rookie sensation Kareem Hunt? What about David Johnson? I could go on down the list of top players who don’t have the brand they need to make them marketable when they’re not playing. NBA players have the most ideal brand. Do I think this is cause they play without something covering their faces the entire game? Yes, it’s very possible. But, NBA players have podcasts nowadays, they have signature shoes, they travel to China to spread the game and get the utmost support from the NBA to do as they please. All I have seen this offseason or heard about is Kevin Durant, Dwyane Wade, Donovan Mitchell, Klay Thompson, etc all going to China to increase their personal brand and power. NFL players need more of a global reach to improve their personal brand. As well, let’s give these players some podcasts. Aaron Rodgers on a podcast might give the fans some insight to keep them interested in the offseason. Remember KD and CJ McCollum getting into it over a podcast? Let’s go NFL!
  3. Clear up the rules on the helmet-to-helmet hits – We have too much information nowadays. We have begun to cringe at those helmet hits a little bit more each year. 10 years ago, I got a video titled “NFL Biggest Hits,” and I absolutely loved it. Knowing what I know now about CTE, I can’t even imagine enjoying that video today. And even so, those hits would get every player involved in the defensive side of those suspended today. There are also helmet-to-helmet hits where the player needs to go out for a concussion check, but he stays in. I think we all remember Tom Savage having a seizure on the ground and playing the next play. (I won’t attach the video for graphics sake.) But, that made me want to turn off that game. Having more defined rules in place in such an important part of the game would help. The NFL has teetered along the middle and has really hurt their game with this.

The NFL can take these few measures and greatly increase the success of their league. The benefit they have is we are a football country. No matter what happens, I’ll be watching football on Sundays. Let’s get it back to a 24/7 sport and back at the top of the popularity charts where it belongs.

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