Live from the World Ultimate Frisbee Championship

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Welcome to the World Cup of Ultimate Frisbee. We had J Breezy Sr. live from the field of action. Here are his words on the event:

I have never been to an ultimate frisbee event until Wednesday, July 18, 2018, when I attended the WFDF 2018 World Ultimate Club Championship in Lebanon, OH just outside Cincinnati. This Club Championship is held every four years in different countries (in 2014 it was in Italy). For the first time going to an ultimate event, I definitely picked the best one to go to, all by luck. There are 128 teams from 36 countries competing to be World Ultimate Club Champion of their group, men’s, women’s and mixed divisions.

I went there knowing nothing about ultimate frisbee. By talking to a GAME ADVISOR (referee), Shiellah Quintos, Caroline a player on the team from Switzerland, who wasn’t playing due to an injury, different spectators and thru observations, I was able to learn enough about the game to enjoy it.

The field is 110 yards long (70 yds long plus 2 ends zones that are 20 yds long each) and 40 yds wide. There are 7 players on the field for each team.
To start one team throws the disc from behind their end zone to the other team waiting downfield by their end zone. The team receiving the disc then tries to pass their way downfield to score. The player with the disc has 10 seconds from the time they catch it to pass it. If they don’t pass it within 10 seconds, the pass is dropped by teammate or disc hits the ground it is a turnover and the other team gets the disc at that spot. You don’t catch the disc and then run for the end zone like in football, when you catch the disc you have to stop and set your pivot foot like in basketball and pass the disc, passes can be forward or backward and any distance. I saw passes that were 2 feet and passes that were the length of the field. I don’t know all the rules and I won’t bore you with the ones I did learn (marking, traveling and tripping).

I noticed that the players call fouls on themselves and the player(s) involved in the play discuss it and come to a decision, if a decision can’t be agreed upon then the Game Advisor is brought in to settle the matter, try that in any other sport, I think not (except golf).

All the people I talked to said the USA is favored in all groups. Many feel it’s because Americans start playing ultimate frisbee at an early age, at a middle school. Many of the foreign countries don’t start playing until college or later.

I feel that I can’t do justice to the ultimate frisbee experience with my description, I suggest you go out and watch it for yourself. You can google WFDF 2018 World Ultimate Club Championship to find out more about ultimate frisbee and about ultimate events in and around your areas.

J Breezy Sr

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