Moves Made Famous by Stars of the World Cup

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The World Cup starts the semi-finals today. Being off TV for 2 days has many of us in withdrawal.

I would like to talk about some of the moves made famous by the stars of the game and the one I feel is the most famous move of all, which as far as I know has no name, until today. There’s the Maradona turn, and let’s not forget the Maradona double finger, Sergio Echigo’s elastico football move, Ricardo Infante’s rabona, the step over created by Pedro Calomino, the Cruyff turn and last but not least the move I like to call “OOPs I didn’t do anything.

This move is the one where you tackle, trip, headbutt, elbow in the side of the head, or anything else you want to do that is illegal in soccer and then raise both arms up about head high out to your sides and look at the referee as to say I didn’t do anything the guy just fell on his own. I know you have seen this move numerous times in the 2018 World Cup, probably about 10+ times per match.

So here’s to seeing the OOPs move many times today and hopefully 2 good semi-final matches over the next 2 days.

In tribute to my favorite soccer announcer, GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL, I miss you Jorge-Perez Navarro, the World Cup is not the same without you.

J Breezy Sr.

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