What the World Cup is teaching the children

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What the children of the world have learned watching the world’s #1 spectator sport, THE WORLD CUP.

The World Cup has taught our children it is OK to lie, argue with authority figures and do whatever it takes to win, no holds barred.

  1. Doesn’t matter who kicked the ball out just raise your hand to let the ref know it’s your team’s ball, even if you were the one who kicked it out.
  2. Whenever you go down come up with your hand raised like you are holding a card to let the ref know you want a yellow/red card on the player who knocked you down.
  3. How to turn a minor injury into an academy award performance by rolling around on the ground and looking like you might die at any moment.
  4. Always draw a box in the air with your fingers whenever a goal is scored or you are knocked down inside the goal box.
  5. Never go up to the ref to argue by yourself always take 6 teammates with you.
  6. How to do pratfalls so you can get penalty kicks.

So, the next time you are out at the soccer fields watching your son/daughter play and you see these things happen you can thank the professional soccer players of the World Cup. For as we all know children, and adults for that matter too, look up to sports figures for guidance and want to be just like them, I know I did.

Let’s hope your children do the soccer Maradona turn on the field and not the Maradona finger move he so proudly displayed from the stands. Great class from a world-class player.

And last, I would like to say that I enjoyed listening to Jorge-Perez Navarro announce the games. I had never heard him before and especially liked his GOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL calls. Unfortunately, FOX didn’t and he is done announcing at this world cup.

(Special thanks to guest-writer J Breezy Sr. Let’s see if this post does well enough for him to make the cut)

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