Course Review: Rancho Park Golf Course

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As promised, here’s the first new course review content. We’ll keep rolling these out, be on the lookout for more golf course reviews.

Course Information

Rancho Park Golf Course,

Personal Rating: 8.7/10

Address: 10460 West Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90064

Holes | Yardage: 18 | 6839 (Black, we play the tips)

To give some background, I’m a 16 handicap with most of my problems coming in my short game. I hit my drivers and irons long, but my chipping and putting are very inconsistent.

First thoughts

I’ve played this course about 20 times, and love the layout more and more each time. It’s a challenging course with multiple hills and mainly fair hole locations. Every hole, at some point, will have a hill that you’ll have to deal with. Starting with hole 1, you have to climb a hill and need about a 250 yard shot to end up on flat ground. I won’t go hole by hole, but I want to highlight a few favorite holes of mine.

5 Hole Review

#2 – is long and can put a real tough start to your round. It’s a 480-yard par 4 and feels even longer. The green is tucked away in the back surrounded by trees and there’s not much room to miss to the right. The first few times I played this, it became an early double-bogey hole and hurt my round greatly. Weather the storm and get your bogey/par and move on.

#4 – This hole always gets me. It’s a par 5 that’s just over 500 yards. It’s downhill but you have to hit your drive straight and I typically hit a draw. Your 3rd shot shouldn’t be too difficult as you come up to about 125-150 yards for me. However, you’re overlooking a bunker and the shot looks very intimidating (just don’t chunk it). It throws me off a ton, but there’s room over the bunker to work on the back. Play a club up here and work for a longer birdie attempt.

#8 – It’s a long par 3. You’ll see the scorecard tell you about 205 yards, but always play this hole a club up. If you hit it short, you’re in big trouble as you’re going up a hill. If you hit it long, well I’ve never seen anyone be able to go past this whole. Most amateurs don’t have a 235-yard shot reliably to attack this hole. Par on this hole is an amazing feeling.

#12 – Ah, the best part of the course. The beer tent at the beginning of this hole. I usually play the course later in the day when the tent is closed. But this stand is amazing. They have great beer deals and snacks, and basically anything to get you through the final 7 holes. This is a large downhill par 3 playing around 220. Escaping with par here feesl like a steal, too.

#16 – Another par 3. This is a fun one but really challenging if you hit a draw. The tee box sets up usually around 175-180 and pushes you to hit a draw. That, for me and most amateurs, means we’re going to over-draw it and pull it a bit. It’s a tough look though and very challenging. Given all that, I’ve approached one into 5 feet here for my closest hole in one. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable on the tee box.

Closing Thoughts

Overall I really like this course. It can be affordable depending on when you play. There’s a nice restaurant attached to the course and a good atmosphere. I play this course alone a lot, and usually, get paired up with very cool people. The course can get really busy, and that’s frustrating but I haven’t found a Los Angeles golf course that doesn’t.

Overall: 9/10. Go play this one, but it might just take some time.

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