I can’t root for Patrick Reed, Rory needs to win the Master’s and a few other late reactions from the 2018 Master’s

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Hey all… We’re 2 weeks past the Master’s so you probably don’t care about these reactions but they’re coming anyway. 2 weeks in golf terms is insanely long, most people probably don’t even remember who won the RBC Heritage and that was 2 days ago (Satoshi Kodaira, by the way).

  1. I can’t root for Patrick Reed. Trust me, I’ve tried really hard. This guy is an American golfer, he’s a Ryder Cup Superstar and he’s only 27. Yet, something about this guy never resonated with me. I didn’t love the stories coming out about how he wore his Ryder Cup outfit everywhere afterward. I didn’t like that he never showed up elsewhere to play better golf. I didn’t see him winning tournaments yet he was the best Ryder Cup player on a team that included DJ, Spieth among others? Shouldn’t those skills translate to winning more tournaments? All of these things added up for me that I wanted basically anyone, but him to win on Master’s Sunday. I also cannot stand how he tries to wear Sunday Red/Black to copy Tiger. Ok, man, those colors are reserved for Tiger. There are a million other options, create your own brand. (See Fowler, Rickie) All of these things I add up and I will be pulling for a different golfer when he’s in contention on a Sunday.
  2. Rory needs to win the Master’s – I’ll admit I’m a huge Rory homer. I’ve written about him before and he’s my favorite golfer by a million miles. I like others too, but I’m consistently rooting for Rory (or J-Day) over those guys.Watching the Arnold Palmer Invitational was my favorite tournament of the year just because he won. Well, I woke up on Sunday feeling Rory. I wanted to gamble on him, 7/4 to win the Master’s was a lock. This was the career grand slam year. Then, from the very first hole, it was tough to watch. He missed everything and it wasn’t even close. I remember watching him approach from ~150 and hearing him ask for a “lucky bounce.” This is Rory, one of the games best ball strikers, not able to approach from 150 out. I hope he figures it out soon, I’d still put a lot of money on him to win another major this year.
  3. Rickie Fowler said he’s ready to win a major – I’m not sure what this means, but I’m ready to win a major as well. I’m just kidding (I’d be down to win one though). I’m thinking Rickie will pull through this year for a major. There’s been a high-trend of first time major winners in recent years. I believe our streak is up to 3 now (Koepka, Thomas, Reed). Rickie has consistently been there in majors recently, making 7 straight cuts going T46-T33-T11-T5-T22-T5-2. That’s quite the stretch there. He has more top 5’s in majors in the past 8 years than Rory who has won 4 majors. Rickie is due here soon, but that’s not how this mean game of golf works. Still, I’d parlay Rickie and Rory to each win a major this year and feel good about it.
  4. What do I have to do to get into Augusta – This just bugs me. I’m dying to go to Augusta and people have talked about it enough to convince me it’s a place I need to get to soon. However, whenever I look up to buy tickets, it’s not even an option on the PGA Tour website. Where do people even get tickets to the Master’s? If you enjoy my writing I’m available for the 2019 Master’s, I don’t work that week. (wink, wink)
  5. Longshot major pick for the US Open – My longshot major pick was Marc Leishman for the Master’s. He was 40-1, and finished 9th. Not too bad for a guy writing articles. I’m looking over the odds now and like a few. I’ll list down just one and then I’ll do my best bet when we’re not 2 months away from the tournament. I’m seeing Tommy Fleetwood at 40/1 on Bet365 right now. He’s made 4 consecutive cuts at majors including at 4th place finish through the fescue of Wisconsin last year. I don’t have much else to back myself up instead to just say I’m liking these odds a lot. If you could get him at 50, toss some money down right now.

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