March Madness Picks – Who Moves on to the Elite 8?

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My picks haven’t been the best. I understand. I am so bad to the point where you can’t even fade me. I am all over the place. The worst a tout can be is 50%. My thought is that if I keep going the way I am, I will eventually dip to something terrible like 10% and I will be the “fade me champ”.

Crazy weekend overall though. The south region is a shit show. Kentucky should cake-walk through and Gonzaga’s path is looking good too! With that said, here are the Sweet 16 picks. (Note I will be with the girlfriend on a weekend trip and won’t be able to post my Elite 8 picks. I know I am an idiot for booking a trip this weekend.)


Loyola Chicago vs. Nevada: Loyola Chicago +1.5

The Cinderella story continues. They are on such a run and have Sister Jean supporting them. It’s a no brainer. Great value here too.


Texas A&M vs. Michigan: Texas A&M +2.5

Texas A&M’s bigs are the reason they are in this position and will be the reason they move on to the Elite 8. They are extremely physical, and lead their team with an enormous amount of energy. Michigan had a close call last weekend. I don’t think they will be able to match up with Texas A&M. Wouldn’t argue with taking the under here too. Low scoring, big defense game.


Florida State vs. Gonzaga: Gonzaga -6

This feels like deja vu. UNC was a 6 point favorite against A&M. I figure its a no brainer pick, the better team, the higher seeded team will blow the doors off. I was wrong and the tar heels played like shit. I clearly learned my lesson, which is why I am going to take the 6 point favorite again, because I am an idiot and a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in a while.


Kansas State vs. Kentucky: Over 136

I honestly have no idea how this game is going to go. I don’t know who is going to win. I don’t know if Kentucky will show up to play or shit the bed like UNC did. I don’t know if K State can compete with Kentucky’s talent. They haven’t been challenged all tournament. I make the guess that a lot of points will be scored. At least enough to get over 136. I would fade this pick if I were you.


Clemson vs. Kansas: Clemson +5

Clearly a homer pick. But after last weeks sodomization of Auburn, I am pretty sure the tigers have what it takes to beat a talented Kansas team. What makes this Clemson team great is their versatility on offense and their excellent defense. They can play at any pace and went on a 41-9 run on the lesser Tigers. Brad Brownell will have a great game plan and if Gabe Davoe and Marquis Reed keep hitting every shot they take, Clemson will move on. I also advise fading this bet, maybe.


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