Rory Wants to Limit Alcohol Sales

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ESPN: “Rory McIlroy wondered Saturday whether limiting alcohol sales might help curb some of the loud and abusive behavior he believes is getting worse at PGA Tour tournaments.”

I am going to start of by apologizing to Jbreezy. I don’t mean to do you like this, but your boy is an idiot. All you hear about these days when it comes to golf is how it’s struggling with viewership, especially among young people. I personally believe, that going to a tournament, being able to get that close to players, is what will bring in and retain young fans. Part of the tournament experience is getting shit-faced and heckling. It’s stacking your beer cups or making a wizard’s staff, hanging with the boys, and watching some golf. Also while wearing golf attire, including golf shoes.

A few weeks ago, Justin Thomas threw a fit and had a fan escorted out after the fan yelled for his ball to go in the trap. He later half-apologized. Now everywhere he goes he will be heckled endlessly. All other athletes get heckled. But yet, golfers seem to not be able to handle it. Listen guys, as long as we aren’t yelling in your backswing, or making comments about your wife, let us do our thing. We are paying the money to see you play, the ones buying your merchandise, video games (in Rory’s case), and creating your value. We are the ones that are indirectly responsible for your ability to make money as a golfer.

Now Rory comes out of the clouds and wants to take the booze away. How lame. Seriously Rory, you’ve been playing like shit for a few years now and are finally starting to play well again. The average guy is back in your corner. Now you want to tell us to sober up? Fuck you. If you can’t handle “unruly” fans yelling as your ball is in the air, or as you are walking up the fairway, you are just a pussy. You complain about the game dissipating but want to punish the fans. Get out of here.

The game of golf is at a crossroads. Either it’s going to need to adapt, like most other major sports have, or its going to fail. The locker-room, boys-club atmosphere is what is keeping golf alive. It’s what get’s young guys out on the course and to the tournaments. The game should embrace it. Make more tournaments like the Waste Management. Take the energy from the crowd, or use what they are saying for motivation to play better. The younger guys are embracing it, and even the older guys are. For some reason, the middle-aged golfer can’t handle it.

Rory, a shit storm of drunk hecklers is heading your way. And trust me, after the alcohol comment, they aren’t going away anytime soon.

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