March Madness Picks – Day 4

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Well, it was a very short hot streak. Then again I didn’t expect at all for it to keep going. I am currently writing this drinking away my sorrows. Down way too many units today, way too many units. Hopefully the girlfriend doesn’t find out about the gambling issue….

Anyways in case you are still interested in my picks, or fading me, here are my picks for Day 4…


Butler vs. Purdue: Butler +3.5

It was announces Saturday morning that Purdue Center Isaac Haas fractured his elbow in the first round matchup against CS Fullerton. Huge hit to the boilermakers. I figured this game would be close prior to that, but this seals the deal. Purdue can’t replace the a key player like Haas. Reports indicate he may try to play with a brace and some pain killers, but he won’t be the same player. This may force Purdue to switch up their defense and play above the arc. That will allow Butler to capitalize on the pick and roll/pop. I would highly suggest hitting up the money line on this too. Signed. Sealed. Delivered. Butler at least keeps it within 3.5 (even without their mascot in the building).


Syracuse vs. Michigan State: Michigan State +8

Physicality and Miles Bridges. That’s it. A low scoring game, but the line is too low for me to take the under. Syracuse won’t have an answer for Bridges, and even if they do, it’ll take too much and others will be able to make plays. I expect a close game to start, but the Spartans pull away. Get ready for Bridges to posterize every Syracuse player on the floor.


Texas A&M vs. North Carolina: North Carolina -6

This will be a really close game with bodies banging down low all game. Lot’s of fouls and the double bonus will for sure be in play for both teams in the final minutes. If the O/U line was a little lower (right now at 152) I would take it as well. Defense will play a big role in this game. I think the experience of the Tar Heels and the leadership of Joel Berry take the cake. It’s close till the last minutes, then Berry takes the game over and win by more than 6 points.


Clemson vs. Auburn: Clemson +1

A little biased here and I rarely bet on teams I root for, but to me this is a no brainer. Clemson can play at any pace and have too many playmakers for Auburn to handle. Auburn struggled against a decent College of Charleston team, but won’t be able to stop the superior Tigers. Brad Brownell will have a great defensive scheme drawn up and Clemson moves on to the Sweet 16.


UMBC vs. Kansas State: Over 135

What a 36-hour span for the Retrievers. They put a whooping on Virginia, who looked like garbage on Friday night. This will be a high energy game to start. I would love nothing more to see UMBC move on, but I don’t think it’ll happen. Kansas State is very physical and it will take another ungodly 3-point percentage for the Retrievers to keep it going. Combine that with the fact that they aren’t facing the team with the slowest pace of play in the NCAA. That being said, the spread is a little too large for me (Kansas -10) for me to take it. I settle for the over. UMBC will be able to hit at least a few threes and I expect the double bonus to come into play with both sides.


I inevitably shit the bed as expected. You may want to fade every single one of my picks. Either way, get those picks in. You only lose the ones you don’t place, unless you follow me, then you are fucked either way.


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