March Madness Picks – Day 3

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What a start for your boy Dimz. 3 for 5. I may have been a little too humble yesterday. If you faded me, sucks to suck. I will be keeping my left nut. I know a man should stick to his word, but let’s be real, no one saw that coming.

My bracket is fucked, but then again so is everyone else’s. Looking forward to hearing Brad from accounting talk about how he’s winning his pool based on his bullshit models he spent “three months on”. Newsflash man, no one gives a shit. Anyways here are my picks for Saturdays set of games. Let’s see if I can do it again.


Rhode Island vs. Duke: Duke -9

Interesting story. I actually played against Jared Terrell growing up in youth basketball. Held him to the lowest points scored in all of his 5th grade season. Rhode Island is coming off a huge win with great performances by Matthews and Terrell, however I don’t think they stand a chance against the Blue Devils. Duke has so much talent and a lot more size. I can see this one staying somewhat close in the first half, but Duke will pull away by mid-second half.


Buffalo vs. Kentucky: Buffalo +6

Kentucky is going to go classic Kentucky. Buffalo is on a hot streak and can put up points behind the arc and plays really good defense. They made Arizona look incompetent. I see a close game all the way through. Kentucky’s youth will get frustrated with the energy of Buffalo and each player will start going into “I was a stud in high school” mode and play selfishly. If you want to hit up the money line on this game for Buffalo, that wouldn’t be a bad move either. There is great value there at +205. However, not going to commit to that.


Loyola Chicago vs. Tennessee: Tennessee -5.5

Loyola has a chance to be the Cinderella story of this year’s madness, but I think Buffalo may take the crown. How can you not root for a team who’s Chaplin is rolling through life at the ripe age of 98? The dream comes to an end though Saturday. Tennessee is just too physical down low for Loyola to handle. Loyola will have a shot early if they are able to hit from deep, but most games are won with defense and physicality down low. Tennessee wins a boring game where they lead by 10-12 points throughout.


Florida vs. Texas Tech: Under 134

Both teams have great defenses and are very physical, especially Texas Tech with their dominant big men. I can’t imagine this game hitting the over. Then again I could just be pissed I picked the Texas Tech over yesterday and am going with the historical data point.


Houston vs. Michigan: Over 134

Michigan was everyone’s dark horse coming in. They have a lot of talent and play tough defense. But Houston can drain the three, believe in the man bun folks. Michigan can score with the best of them too. I think this is a fairly low line and I am wondering if it came down based on money coming in on the under. Doesn’t make sense to me. This is the one pick that I am not that confident about. Maybe I just can’t get the man bun out of my head.


Get those picks in. You don’t win the ones you don’t place. Let’s be degenerates together.

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