Kirk Cousin’s Son Does the Skol Chant

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247Sports“Cousins sent out a tweet on Friday morning of his wife and son, clad in an adorable Viking helmet knit hat, greeting the Minnesota faithful on social media and even doing their own version of the ‘Skol’ chant that was made famous by the team this past season.”

First off props to Kirk on the wife. Nice work. And Kirk, what a kid you got. He’s fucking adorable. That hat too, priceless. Nothing says thanks Minnesota for paying me a zillion dollars than having your kid do the Skol chant on social media. Shout out to whoever does your PR, great move. Minnesota loves you now. Although, you are replacing Case Keenam, so I am sure they were excited for you to be there already.

Congrats on breaking the internet. Congrats on the sex (credit Pardon My Take). Keep your kid on social media and your interceptions outside of the red zone and you will be Minnesota’s golden boy.


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