Mondays and the need for Monday Night Football

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Look, we all know about the Sunday scaries. They are a real thing. They happen to me and just about everyone with a job that’s M-F. I even love my job, and this still happens. I’ve tried so hard to avoid it. I have productive Sundays, I watch football and see my fantasy teams win. I’m in a great mood. I hang out with some buddies, we have beers, we have a great time.

But wow, when that last 4:00 PM EST game ends and there’s about an hour before the Sunday night game, it hits. The feeling of having to wake up early tomorrow. The feeling of not being able to do what you want all day. And there’s always some work thoughts that start to creep into your head. Or maybe you have a few morning meetings. Then into the next day, maybe you listen to someone say “how was your weekend?” one too many times.

And that great feeling we had yesterday is gone. Zapped from us. It’s bleak, we’re not sure if we can do this 4 more times during the week. But then, about 4:00 PM EST rolls around and you see the game is on in a few hours. The day is almost over. I’ll finish up the last few things at work to ensure a productive day and I’m good for tomorrow. I’m happy. I leave the place around 5:30 and plop right on the couch, anxiously waiting to listen to Jon Gruden talk about football.

For all the things people say negatively about Gruden, I’m a huge fan. He’s what we need on Monday night. He’s the blast of energy we need to keep us going. He saves me a couple bucks to not buy a Red Bull on my way home from work. Monday football gives us exactly what we need although we never knew we needed it until we had it.

The game nears an end and I still haven’t moved from the couch. On this night, the Lions beat the Packers and the talk of Twitter is how much the Packers need Rodgers back. I listen to the Gruden Grinders, a personal favorite segment of mine. Turn off the tv and go to the gym. I watch the ESPN highlights of the game I just watched. I go to bed with a smile on my face, have an amazing work week and get a lot done.

Monday night football was what I needed that night. It’s what everybody needs. Let’s just hope those Grumors to the University of Tennessee aren’t quite true.

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