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Welcome to the Everyday Dosage of Sports - theEDoS.com. A sports website made for the working
class by the working class.

The people who made this website are all humongous sports fans.
We live and breathe sports. When it’s not 8-5 M-F we’re all about sports, and even when it is 8-5.

We realized a gap in the market. That I know, once you read our stuff, you’ll feel the same way too.
Our content is made for the diehard fan and we’ll be at the top in quality. But you’ll find us relatable too.
In a way that you might not connect with other websites. We are just like you, we have regular jobs.
For whatever reason we’re there, but our passion for sports still rings strong.

Feel free to browse around the website and contact us whenever. We know you’ll come back when you
realize this is your everyday dosage of sports, theEDoS.com.

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